Weekly Study Material via Celia

If you need a copy:

Publication Format
“Bearing Thorough Witness” About God’s Kingdom
Book Cover Regular PDF EPUB


CHAPTER 17—“He Reasoned With Them From the Scriptures” MP3

Songs to be used:

135-P Enduring to the End MP3 AAC
114-V God’s Own Book—A Treasure MP3 AAC
100-P We Are Jehovah’s Army! MP3 AAC

Another set via Kadi:


TMS Review References 0227.doc

TMS Review Worksheet 0227.doc



The Playlist for the January Kingdom Ministry is available for download for both iTunes and Windows Media Player.

The Playlist can contain songs, Bible reading, related material for the ministry school & KM as well as the Watchtower and Congregation Book Study readings.

The links below will give you access to the main file and the individual files.
You only need the main file plus the content .doc and instructions.

Possible content of the playlist is dependent on what MP3s are on your PC.

The files

Windows Media Player
Week of 120227 – 27 Feb – 4 Mar 2012.wpl
Week of 120305 – 5-11 Mar 2012.wpl

iTunes an .xml file
iTunes February KM 2 Weeks – 27 Feb – 11 Mar 2012.xml