Jehovah's witnesses in Philippines-1This is not official from Bethel but early this morning we got verified info from a sister, a member of Bethel Philippines, there are 26 confirmed dead and many are still missing, also 4 trucks are heading into the worst hit area with supply’s from the Branch in Manila.

The Airport in Cebu is being used for a hub for brining in supply’s and the brothers are giving everything they can spare and it is being collected at the Kingdom Hall in Cebu and surrounding KH to be distributed to those hardest hit .

For more information, you may contact the Charitable Planning Office, either in writing or by telephone, at the address listed below, or you may contact the branch office that serves your country.


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What is going on there now?

According to the news the day after Typhoon Haiyan struck the eastern Philippine coast, a team of 15 doctors and logistics experts was ready to fly here to the worst-hit city to help. On Tuesday, five days into what could be the country’s deadliest disaster, they were still waiting to leave.

Aid is coming to Tacloban: medical supplies, pallets of water and food piled on trucks, planes and ferries, sent by the Philippine government and countries around the world. But the scale of the disaster and challenges of delivering the assistance means few in this city, strewn with debris and corpses, have received any help.

Meanwhile, Philippines President Benigno Aquino said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday that the death toll from the typhoon is likely closer to 2,000, not the previously reported figure of 10,000.

“The figure right now I have is about 2,000, but this might still get higher,” Aquino told CNN.