- What is www.jwbrothers.org ?

 The website www.jwbrothers is not an official website from Wacthtower Society.

 The project is supported by Jehovah’s Witnesses brothers and sisters to share the good news and promote links to the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses www.watchtower.org www.jw.org and www.jw-media.org

 The website www.jwbrothers.org is for Jehovah’s Witnesses looking for a spring of our rich spiritual heritage through poetry, experiences, ilustrations, videos, recent news, Mp3 recordings of JW-discoures, Kingdom Melodies and Songs for our Theocratic Services to Jehovah.

This and, much, more forms part of our rich spiritual heritage.

 In your online search for enlightenment, you face dangers that are similar to the ones encountered by those sailors. You might follow misleading information, or you might even become a victim of deliberate deception. Either path can lead to tragedy.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Make sure that your source of enlightenment is genuine and trustworthy. For so long the Jehovah’s Witnesses prints, audios and videos has championed God’s inspired Word, the Bible, as the most dependable source of enlightenment because it contains “sacred writings which have power to make you wise and lead you to salvation.”—2 Timothy 3:15-17, New English Bible.

 Do you see how a knowledge of such fundamental truths can help you? In these critical, stormy times, such knowledge can protect you from “the falsely called ‘knowledge’” propagated by Satan the Devil. He pretends to
be “an angel of light,” and his agents pose as “ministers of righteousness.” (1 Timothy 6:20; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

Accurate Bible knowledge can protect you from so-called enlightenment based on the philosophies of worldly “wise and intellectual ones,” who “have rejected the very word of Jehovah.”—Matthew 11:25; Jeremiah 8:9.

 Because there were so many misleading teachings and philosophies in his day, the apostle John warned first-century Christians: “Do not believe every
inspired expression.” He said:  “Test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God.” (1 John 4:1) Think of it this way. If you received a message that could have a profound effect on your life, would you accept
it at face value simply because it appeared to come from a good source? Of course not. You would check its source and test out its contents before you acted on it.

 Many brothers and sisters are not able to attend our meetings and they may find the most recent videos and audios from our conventios and mettings. Or many brothers and sisters may loose a fraction from our convention program or meetings and you may recovery it here.

 For those looking for videos or Mp3 recording of theocratic talks, so far, this site contains English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese talks available.  The hope is to increase the availability of recorded discourses to more languages and tongues of our world-wide brothers and sisters

You may send your recorded audio or video on the link: www.jwbrothers.org/uploader.php  


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The website: www.jwbrothers.org is a non-profit website and administered by Jehovah’s Witnesses members from many locations. We do not sell or resell any uploaded videos or audios. Anyone may support our project by uploading videos or audios to share the good news with anyone that may need.  

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All the shared videos are for personal use only. You cannot sell or resell non authorized material.   

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All audios and videos are subject to review prior to being made public. Our administrative group will review your video prior to the public and must be an approved material.

Any apostate videos or audio will be automatically deleted.

Due a recent note on our 2008 KM, we ask you to avoid making full public talks recorded from our meetings, assemblies and conventions available to all public. You may share your files in private to any known brothers and sisters, and we encourage it.


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Our brothers and sisters will appreciate any Faith Strengthening Videos and audios that you may have to share.


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