International conventions in 2014
tucson_3The Jehovah’s Witnesses announced that large international conventions will be held in various locations throughout the earth during the 2014 calendar year in addition to the normally scheduled district conventions. You will also be happy to learn that the Governing Body is arranging to assist field missionaries, traveling overseers in foreign service, Bethelites in foreign service, international servants, and selected other special full time servants in foreign service to return to their homeland at the time of these conventions.

Those who qualify to be assisted will receive further information in the coming months. By 2014, five years will have passed since similar arrangements were made by the organization.

The Governing Body is pleased to make this arrangement for these brothers and sisters who have willingly left homes, parents, and an accustomed way of life for the sake of the good news.(Mark 10:29, 30) Their attendance at conventions in 2014 will lead to an interchange of encouragement.-1 Thess. 5:11.

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